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Chiropractic Care Services and Techniques Offered in Montgomery AL at the Kirby Chiropractic Clinic

Modern medicine has come a long way and has done so many positive things for people around the world. Unfortunately, negative outcomes have come out of medical advances, as well-one needs to look no further than the current opioid epidemic to understand how pharmacology and other aspects of conventional medicine can have extremely negative and harmful consequences. At Kirby Chiropractic Clinic, our Montgomery chiropractor Dr. Jerry S. Kirby is proud to offer a range of long-studied and long-practiced techniques and services which promote healing naturally, non-invasively, and drug-free. 


Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care has been around for well over 100 years. Its central belief is that the body is capable of healing itself, especially when guided and supported through natural techniques that optimize spinal alignment and support proper function of your central nervous system, much of which is protected by the spinal column. 

Chiropractic care techniques offered by Dr. Kirby include Flexion/Distraction, Cox, Activator, and Gonstead, which restore normal function and position of spinal joints, trigger natural pain relief, alleviate pressure on injured discs and nerves and ease associated ligament sprains or compensatory muscle spasms. Adjustments are gentle and safe for people of all ages and no, you don't have to hear a "pop" in order for an adjustment to work!

Lifestyle Counseling

No matter how effective chiropractic care services are, it's what you do outside our clinic that will make the biggest impact on your health. Dr. Kirby and our team can help you gain necessary insights into your posture, ergonomics at work, activity level, stress management, nutrition, and many other elements of your life which may be contributing to your acute or chronic dysfunction. Targeting the key factors through lifestyle adjustments can dramatically accelerate your healing and will enhance the effects of your treatment.

Corrective Exercises

Consider exercise your homework! We prescribe specific exercises geared toward your condition and current stage of recovery that can promote anti-inflammation and swelling reduction, relieve pain, accelerate tissue healing, and increase strength, mobility, and endurance.  Many of our patients find that their physical performance is even better than it was before their injury after working with Dr. Kirby!

Massage Therapy

Soft tissue work is such an essential diagnostic and therapeutic element to holistic healing for a wide variety of conditions, including back pain, sports injury, and whiplash. Dr. Kirby uses manual techniques to help identify areas of movement restrictions as well as break up restrictive adhesions, ease scar tissue, and promote healing circulation and pain relief. 

Ready to Heal From Back Pain or Another Injury Naturally?

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