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There is no denying that sciatica is a painful condition. Anyone who has experienced it understands that the lower back and body pain this condition generates is intense. While some people can wait the condition out, in others, it becomes a prolonged experience that requires a chiropractor to help relieve the pressure that causes sciatica symptoms. At Kirby Chiropractic Clinic in Montgomery, we offer effective treatment for sciatica pain and so much more.


What Causes Sciatica?

The root cause of sciatica is often a herniated or slipped disc that causes pressure to be placed on the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the longest and thickest nerve in the body and actually consists of five nerve roots. The pain of sciatica often originates in a person’s back and travels down the lower body. In some instances, sciatica can travel into your foot and toes on the affected limb.

In addition to the nerve pain of sciatica, people with this condition often experience these symptoms as well:

  • Tingling pins and needle sensation in leg, foot, and toes.
  • Muscle weakness in leg and foot.
  • Pain anywhere along the nerve, including the lower back, hip, buttocks, leg, and foot.

Sciatica may occur on either the right or left side of the body. Despite this, it is rare for people to experience sciatica along both sides simultaneously. People who experience the pain of sciatica often describe the pain in one of the following ways:

  • Burning
  • Electric
  • Stabbing
  • Shooting
  • Sharp
  • Jolting

Among the challenges of sciatica pain is the fact that it isn’t the same for everyone. Some people experience greater pain when sitting, lying down, or standing. Others when twisting or bending. Even others experience greater pain when sneezing or coughing and for periods of time afterward.

Relief from Sciatica Pain

One of the common treatments for sciatica involves a visit to a chiropractor to manipulate spinal discs and learn exercises to help keep that area of your spine in proper alignment. Some people also experience relief from heat therapy applied to the rear pelvic region.

Important Things to Know about Sciatica

While often caused by a herniated disc, sciatica may be the symptom of other underlying conditions, such as:

  • Spinal stenosis.
  • Spondylolisthesis.
  • Degenerative disc disease.
  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Sciatica may also indicate the presence of tumors, blood clots, and other conditions in the lower spine area. Though this is rare, it is cause for a visit to your chiropractor to seek the cause of your sciatic pain.

If you’re suffering from the pinched nerve or low back pain of sciatica, seek treatment at Kirby Chiropractic Clinic in Montgomery right away.


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