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Back Pain

Back Pain Relief from a Chiropractor in Montgomery

Back pain inflicts many people on a chronic basis. If you are currently suffering from this type of pain, contact Kirby Chiropractic Clinic in Montgomery to make an appointment with our chiropractor for an assessment. Read on to find out why back pain occurs, how to alleviate symptoms at home, and what chiropractic care can do to help.


Why People Suffer from Chronic Back Pain

Back pain can happen suddenly or build up over time. It is often the result of poor ergonomic practices both at home and work. Lifting excessive weights without using proper safety protocols could lead to back pain. Failure to stretch before engaging in an exercise could lead to pain in the back as well. Back pain is often a complaint people have after an injury occurs, such as being in a car accident or having a slip and fall experience.

How to Minimize Discomfort at Home

If you routinely have pain in your back, it is wise to try to determine its cause so that you can change the way you go about your normal activities. Make sure you are using a lumbar support pillow for your chair at your desk and in your car to keep your spine aligned. When back pain arises, heat can often help reduce discomfort. A heating pad works well at promoting blood circulation in the affected areas, helping them to heal effectively. Rest is best when your back is giving you trouble.

What Chiropractic Care Does to Help

When back pain becomes unbearable or if it does not seem to stop no matter what steps you take to alleviate it, a trip to a chiropractor is best. Our practitioner will conduct an evaluation of your situation and make recommendations regarding treatment. This usually includes the use of spinal adjustments in the comfort of our office. Many find that an adjustment reduces pain after just one session. You may need subsequent sessions for a full recovery. Our chiropractor may also use massage, hot or cold therapy, and exercises to effectively combat back pain.

Relief for Your Back Pain Starts Today

Give Kirby Chiropractic Clinic in Montgomery a call to find out more about the services we provide or to make an appointment to meet with our chiropractic team for an evaluation. Contact our office at 334-277-2225.


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